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Bemex is a one-stop-shop  for all construction services from concrete pouring, concrete forming, and labouring to final cleaning and deficiency solutions to turnover units for new owners and residents.

Who We Are

Bemex Services has been in business since 2013. We are an established company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have always provided top quality and services to our clients. We believe in keeping our clients happy by providing them with services at competitive prices.






We offer a variety of services from phase one to final pase, as well as regular maintenance for any complex or project. We have done business with Major Developers as well as Property Management Companies such as Westbank Corp, Marcon, Ledingham McAllister, Urban One, Kanin Construction Management, First Service Residential, Crombie REIT Management, Pacific Place Property Management, One Paramount Construction, Keltek Concrete and many more.

Our Services

Construction Services

Deficiency Solutions

The team at Bemex can provide a variety of services to help manage your PDI Process. These services include scheduling, deficiency tracking, deficiency rectification and trade coordination. We provide this service on behalf of our clients with the mindset to enhance your purchasers’ PDI experience.

Painting & Drywall

Whether you are redecorating or you simply want a fresh coat of paint to liven up your space, professional painters can help you get the results you’re after. When you engage in our services, you can feel confident that we will take care of your project as if it were our own.

Working with Bemex Services means that all aspects of your home painting needs will be met. We meet with you for an initial colour consultation, then we supply all paint, equipment, and materials to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results.

We offer a number of residential interior painting services, that include:

  • Wall painting
  • Ceiling painting
  • Trim painting
  • Door painting
  • Tile & Brick painting

We work with businesses and homeowners for their drywall needs. Drywall repair and installation is a common task for us and we can do this for you fast and efficiently.  Bemex Services is a professional company that cares about its reputation so We go the extra mile to make sure you are happy and 110% satisfied with your drywall repair or installs. If it is a simple drywall repair or installation, all we need is a picture and we can give you a quote right away. For bigger drywall jobs, an expert will come to the property to give you a detailed and accurate quote.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction workers are not always known for their cleanliness, and projects can leave a lot of mess that needs to be cleaned up in order for the property to be in a fully usable state. Bemex has dealt with a huge number of post-construction projects over the years so we have seen it all, and there is nothing that we will leave unattended. Whether you have rubble and debris, excessive dust, or any other leftover mess from the construction process, our team will get it cleaned up in no time. Unlike many other providers, at Bemex Services we offer:

  • All necessary equipment and supplies for the job
  • Extra Services such as Tile/Grout Cleaning
  • On-site supervision
Concrete Formwork Carpenters

The concrete formwork carpenter performs various functions in carrying out construction projects using building blueprints and diagrams to ascertain the proper dimensions, shape, and design of a form structure.

The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities are listed below:

  • Correctly interpret blueprints, specifications, and project plans to meet clients’ needs responsible for the installation of structures and fixtures, including windows and molding to create a program/schedule for the use of materials and associated equipment for carpentry work.
  • Provide support to concrete foreman with project layout and elevation shooting take the measurement and cut materials to build forms for pouring concrete
    Responsible for operating electrical, air-powered, and regular hand tools during projects
  • Spread, rake, and finish concrete
  • Responsible for carrying out general construction labour tasks
  • Provide support with fabrication during projects
Cement Finishers

To provide a straightforward and honest approach to requests. We inform the client if the job can be done or not. We don’t give false promises. Our duties are as following:

  • Levelling the top surface of freshly poured concrete on floors, walls, ceilings or sidewalks
  • Operating a power vibrator to compress concrete
  • Applying hardening and sealing compounds to cure the surface of concrete
  • Waterproofing, damp-proofing and restoring concrete surfaces
  • Installing anchor bolts, steel plates, and other fixtures in freshly poured concrete staff members are certified, trained, and experienced. We also only use high-quality and certified materials at all times.

Our team of experienced deficiency specialists is second to none in the industry. Our onsite team handles both in-suite and common area deficiencies.

Carpenter Helpers

Our duties are as following:

  • Clean work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe job site.
  • Clean equipment or facilities.
  • Install wooden structural components.
  • Perform tie spacing layout and measure, mark, drill or cut.
  • Measure materials or objects for installation or assembly.
  • Mark reference points on construction materials.
  • Select tools, equipment, or materials from storage and transport items to work site.
  • Select construction materials.
  • Select construction equipment.
  • Move construction or extraction materials to locations where they are needed.
  • Drill holes in timbers or lumber.
  • Drill holes in construction materials.
  • Cut timbers, lumber, or paneling to specified dimensions.
  • Cut wood components for installation.
  • Position and hold timbers, lumber, or paneling in place for fastening or cutting.
  • Position structural components.
  • Align, straighten, plumb, or square forms for installation.
  • Position construction forms or molds.
  • Hold plumb bobs, sighting rods, or other equipment to aid in establishing reference points and lines.
  • Mark reference points on construction materials.
  • Erect scaffolding, shoring, or braces.
  • Assemble temporary equipment or structures.
  • Construct forms and assist in raising them to the required elevation.
  • Assist skilled construction or extraction personnel.
  • Build construction forms or molds.
  • Install handrails under the direction of a carpenter.
  • Install building fixtures.
  • Glue and clamp edges or joints of assembled parts.
  • Apply adhesives to construction materials.
  • Smooth or sand surfaces to remove ridges, tool marks, glue, or caulking.
  • Smooth surfaces with abrasive materials or tools.
  • Secure stakes to grids for constructions of footings, nail scabs to footing forms, and vibrate and float concrete.
  • Compact materials to create level bases.
  • Finish concrete surfaces.
  • Build construction forms or molds.
Skilled Labourers

We know sometimes it’s hard to find good personnel, especially when the job requires different activities. Bemex strives in the research of good high-quality skilled labours, some of the areas/duties we have worked with our clients are the following:

  • Stripping formwork, cleaning, and stacking material.
  • Experience with concrete chipping, patch, and sack as well as grouting bases is considered an asset.
  • Hand excavation.
  • Misc. carpentry skills such as doing guardrails and hoardings.
  • Housekeeping, general cleanup, and site maintenance.
  • Complete task hazard assessments and maintain a safe work environment.

This opportunity sometimes leads to a carpentry apprenticeship.

Stone Restoration

Whether you just need a thorough deep clean or a quick polish for a touch up service or you’re ready for a full refinishing and restoration service, or something in between, we offer our expert stone care service customized to your particular needs and budget.

We service all stone surfaces: floors, countertops, shower stalls, tabletops, fireplaces, walls, patios, and more.

Interior and exterior. Residential and commercial. Large projects or small jobs.

The types of stones we treat are:
Marble, limestone, travertine, granite, terrazzo, slate, and more exotic stones like onyx, basalt, serpentine, and all other natural stones.

Services We Offer:

  • Deep Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Diamond Honing and Polishing
  • Surface Refinishing and Restoration
  • Scratch, Stain, and Etch Removal
  • Crack and Chip Repairs
  • Penetrating Stone Sealers
  • Topical Finishing Sealers

“Quality, Cost, Schedule and Safety. These are the pillars of our company — we don’t rest on them, we work on them everyday.”

Our Services

Property Services

Residential Cleaning - Strata

Strata cleaning services in Vancouver go above and beyond “general” cleaning. This is particularly true given the wide range of zones most strata properties that require cleaning on a regular basis. We can clean and maintain the following areas,  to ensure that your property always looks its best: hallways, lobbies, elevators, entrances, swimming pools, garbage rooms, atriums, vestibules, mail areas, restrooms, suites, rooms, offices, stairways, windows, and/or underground parking.

Commercial Cleaning

At Bemex Cleaning, we have built our business around providing high quality industrial cleaning services throughout Vancouver and, in doing so, have established a reputation among top commercial cleaning companies in Vancouver. No matter the type of building or business, Bemex is here for you.

Our professional cleaning services team at Bemex has seen it all and is well-practiced in the commercial cleaning industry. The cleanliness of your commercial space can say a lot about the business you are running. When it comes to your business, you can count on our experts to tackle any and all of your cleaning needs :

  • Office Cleaning
  • Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Commercial
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Window, Wall & Ceiling
  • Cleaning/High dusting
Parkade Pressure Wash

Coming soon!

Deep Cleaning Carpet

Coming soon!

Refinish Flooring

Coming soon!

“Quality, Cost, Schedule and Safety. These are the pillars of our company — we don’t rest on them, we work on them everyday.”

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